About us

Future Media is your specialist installation partner delivering excellent quality professional sound, video and stage lighting systems. We can provide sound systems for performances, background music, video projection and video relay, public address, stage lighting, conference systems and induction loops.

With extensive experience of both new build and retrofit projects we can tailor an installation to your requirements. Our expertise covers a whole range of technologies from sound and audiovisual systems through to stage lighting and video installations.

A specialism of ours is customised control systems, so that even complex AV system can be operated simply by an intuitive interface on an iPad or touchscreen. This provides huge benefits in ease of use, making the system operation as obvious and error-free as possible, whilst at the same time reducing the requirement for technician support.

Our approach is always to deliver a well-engineered system that meets the user's requirements, is easy to use and provides high quality results, and just sits there and performs year after year, reliably and without trouble.

Contact us now us to find out how our specialist expertise, and dependable delivery, can help your sound, audiovisual or lighting project.

Our Projects

Since our inception in 1994 we have completed many hundreds of projects for a wide variety of users. Each one has been bespoke, designed to that user's particular requirements. Sometimes we fit system in a new building, sometimes in an existing building. Sometimes we work for the end user, and on other occasions we are engaged by the electrical contractor or building contractor.

In every case we make every effort to ensure the system is a good fit to the user's requirements, is designed appropriately to the user's technical ability, is easy to use and is well integrated with other services.

Hundreds of customers such as colleges, churches, schools, theatres, businesses, leisure centres, holiday parks and village and community halls have discovered the benefits of a Future Media system!

What we do