Aluminium truss is a superb material for supporting stage and effects lighting. It is equally applicable for both temporary or permanent applications and is strong, lightweight and economical. It is a great problem-solver where a building does not offer appropriate fixing points for lighting hardware or where there are no load-bearing members in the desired positions.


A typical application would be to provide lighting support positions across the width of a hall, with the truss being only supported at the ends.

Another application would be to construct a rectangular frame of truss (with cross members) to provide a regular system of lighting supports within a complex shaped roof space.


Truss assemblies may be static or may be raised and lowered on hoists or winches. This allows the lighting to be rigged at low level and thus reduces the necessity for staff working at height.

Many different sections and angles are available as standard. For specialist applications we have the ability to provide customised truss sections and angles. Usually trussing is considered attractive and left on display, but where a more discrete appearance is required we can provide trussing powder-coated in any RAL colour.

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