In hospitals, clinics and care homes, intercom systems need to meet specific requirements such as the location of staff members, communication with consulting rooms and advanced intercom functions between medical staff and patients.

At Future Media, we are committed to deliver our customers the best equipment and service.  We can design and supply intercom systems that can be fully customised. We work with an advanced intercom system exclusively manufactured for the health care and hospital industries.

Optimus® SMC System

Optimus® SMC is a flexible and adaptive digital intercom system that allow much more than just the intercom between the patients’ rooms and the medical staff. Some of its features include intercom between patients’ rooms and nursery, bathrooms’ accident/fall electronic detection and automatic emergency call.

Dedicated intercom central units, with complete software integration, allow:

  • Site plans with informative icons of the location of call points
  • Auxiliary secondary plan for fast location of the call origin.
  • The calls are presented on the two plans and in the call register.
  • Connection by pressing on the plan or the call register.
  • Control keyboard for direct connection with any intercom station and patient
  • Programming of substations and transfer management
  • File with picture and data identifying the call point
  • Log of incidents with automatic recording to hard disc.
  • Exporting of files from the incident log to XLS format.
  • Statistical graphs for monitoring and improving the service quality.

Modular system

With an array of different modules available, the Optimus® SMC system flexibility makes it one of the most advanced intercom systems in the market.

  • Handheld call controls for patients
  • Wireless call controls
  • Bathroom pull cords IP65 rated
  • Fall sensors
  • Loudspeaker and microphone modules
  • Corridor light signage

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